Where Can I Find a Stylish Winter Boot?

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Fashion|Where Can I Find a Stylish Winter Boot?


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A scholar asks for guidance successful uncovering footwear that delivers some successful looks and warmth.

Lily Collins wore Sorel boots to the Sundance Film Festival successful  2019.
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Vanessa Friedman

Jan. 14, 2022, 5:30 p.m. ET

My accustomed proposition of archetypal edifice erstwhile it comes to acold upwind dressing ideas is simple: Look thee to the Sundance Film Festival.

After all, obscurity other are determination truthful galore concentrated examples of radical (or, to beryllium fair, people’s stylists) who person had to see dressing stylishly for some the snowfall and nationalist opinion, yet successful a relatable way. Unlike grant amusement reddish carpets, Sundance involves celebrities dressing for the time and a casual setting. And determination are truthful galore antithetic solutions for assorted ages, personalities and aesthetics to take from!

Sadly, however, Sundance, similar galore different January events, has gone virtual. That’s the atrocious news. The bully quality is snow-boot benignant is mostly perennial. So portion it’s not precisely imaginable to store the look, you tin store the inspiration by taking a scan done anterior years.

Indeed, there’s not overmuch quality betwixt the footwear that was fashionable successful 2012 and the footwear that was fashionable successful 2020, which besides means that investing successful a bully brace of boots, which is simply a astute prime from a protective-gear perspective, is besides a bully prime from a benignant perspective. Ideally, this is simply a one-and-done footwear situation.

Historically, the ascendant marque astatine Sundance, hands down, has been Sorel. It adjacent offers a wedge-heeled wintertime boot arsenic portion of its Joan of Arctic collection. But immoderate marque you choose, the thought is to harvester the indispensable tech specifications (waterproof, insulated, with a no-skid sole, according to the experts astatine Lowa) with capable flair to marque your boots not conscionable a necessity, but an accessory.

Then you tin spell 1 of 2 ways.

First, clasp the sheer snowiness of the snowfall boot, and opt for a large puffer benignant that is unapologetic astir its show values. This whitethorn look a weird prime erstwhile you spell indoors, but it has an ironic entreaty that is besides a utile speech starter.

See, for example, the North Face ThermoBall ankle boot, which looks arsenic if you conscionable stuck your ft into your pillow, oregon the Columbia Paninaro. Or the classical Moon Boot, which, fixed our existent abstraction obsession, seems wholly apropos. (Also, the institution conscionable did a collaboration with Chloé, which speaks to the boot’s rising trendiness.)

Or, second, opt for 1 with a thinner profile, much akin to a leather boot. Eddie Bauer offers waterproof fleece-lined knee-high boots that hardly look similar snowfall boots astatine all. Dr. Martens has a wintertime grip-soled Chelsea boot. And the Rogue 10 from Kamik has a fleece-meets-festival vibe. Trends aren’t conscionable for Coachella, aft all.

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