Video Shows Fireball Lighting Up The Skies Of Scotland, Northern Ireland

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A fireball making a agleam and shiny descent to Earth was caught connected video arsenic it fell implicit the skies of Scotland and Northern Ireland connected Wednesday.

The UK Meteor Network, a United Kingdom-based radical featuring 170 cameras that purpose to grounds imaginable meteors and fireballs, reported the sighting of a ample and greenish fireball.

Videos amusement the fireball sparkling and leaving a burning way down it arsenic it dropped down to Earth.

The radical captured the entity done its web of cameras and said it received implicit 200 reports connected the fireball.

The UK Meteor Network shared that it’s investigating the fireball’s appearance to spot whether the entity was a meteor oregon abstraction debris.

The radical added that it appreciated “genuine reports and questions” astir the fireball but wouldn’t beryllium fond of tweets astir “aliens, ufo’s oregon different nonsense.”

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