US officials believe Russia arrested hacker responsible for Colonial Pipeline attack

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Washington (CNN)The US believes that Russia's home quality bureau has arrested the hacker liable for the May ransomware onslaught that forced a large US substance pipeline to unopen down for days, a elder Biden medication authoritative told reporters Friday.

It appears to people a uncommon lawsuit of US-Russian practice against a large cybercrime group, pursuing nonstop appeals from President Joe Biden to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The cyberattack against Colonial Pipeline successful May prompted the institution to preemptively unopen down its substance organisation operations, starring to wide shortages astatine state stations on the East Coast.

    The authoritative spoke to reporters aft Russia's FSB quality bureau said Friday that, astatine the behest of US authorities, it had detained aggregate radical associated with REvil, a benignant of ransomware that has outgo US firms millions of dollars.

      The US and Russia bash not person an extradition treaty. While Russian authorities said those apprehended would beryllium prosecuted, the grade to which that volition hap is unclear.

       US quality   indicates Russia preparing cognition  to warrant  penetration  of Ukraine

      The FSB said Russian authorities had seized millions of dollars, raided the homes of 14 radical and detained an unspecified fig of radical connected with the alleged REvil ransomware. REvil was utilized successful damaging hacks connected a apical US nutrient supplier successful May and US bundle supplier Kaseya successful July, with the second infecting up to 1,500 businesses astir the world, US officials person antecedently said.

      The FSB's announcement follows a week of talks among the US, its European allies and Russia that failed to scope a breakthrough implicit the tens of thousands of troops Russia has amassed adjacent Ukraine's border.

      "In our mind, this is not related to what's happening with Russia and Ukraine," the elder medication authoritative said.

        But immoderate cybersecurity analysts pointed to the timing of the FSB announcement, which comes arsenic the US has threatened terrible sanctions connected Russia if it invades Ukraine.

        "This is Russian ransomware diplomacy," Dmitri Alperovitch, a cybersecurity adept who is president of the non-profit Silverado Policy Accelerator, told CNN. "It is simply a awesome to the United States: If you don't enact terrible sanctions against america for penetration of Ukraine, we volition proceed to cooperate with you connected ransomware investigations."

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