Uber, Lyft drivers claim price-fixing in lawsuit against companies

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(Reuters)A radical of drivers for Uber (UBER) and Lyft (LYFT) connected Tuesday accused the companies of unfairly controlling however overmuch passengers are charged for rides successful an antitrust suit successful California authorities court.

The suit seeking people enactment presumption successful San Francisco Superior Court alleged violations of California antitrust law, and authorities instrumentality prohibiting unfair concern practices.

The drivers claimed that if they were capable to connection little prices to the consumers, it would supply drivers with "the astir competitory compensation."

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    "By preventing drivers from doing so, Uber and Lyft harm contention successful some the labour marketplace arsenic good arsenic the user market," the ailment alleged. "Customers wage more, and drivers gain less."

      An Uber spokesperson said successful a connection that the "complaint misconstrues some the facts and the applicable instrumentality and we mean to support ourselves accordingly."

      A typical from Lyft did not instantly respond to messages seeking comment.

      Uber and Lyft statement their drivers autarkic contractors and not employees, the centerpiece of galore ineligible challenges successful caller years successful authorities and national courts crossed the country.

        The plaintiff drivers successful the caller suit contend Uber and Lyft "deprive those drivers of economical independence" by fixing the prices that drivers indispensable charge.

        The drivers are represented by Denver-based Towards Justice and the Edelson plaintiffs' firm.

          "For a decade, Uber and Lyft person been trying to person it some ways," Rachel Dempsey of Towards Justice told Reuters. "They're trying to debar the responsibilities of an employer, portion besides maintaining a level of power implicit the transaction that is inconsistent with the thought that these drivers are autarkic contractors."

          The drivers named arsenic plaintiffs successful the suit antecedently opted retired of arbitration agreements with Uber and Lyft, allowing them to contention employment-related matters successful court.

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