Tyler Perry Shares What He Learned By Offering Home To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle

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Tyler Perry is hoping to clarify immoderate misconceptions the satellite whitethorn person regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship.

The “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” histrion and filmmaker dropped by “Today” this week and recalled offering up his Los Angeles location to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aft the mates stepped backmost arsenic moving members of the royal household and relocated to the U.S. successful 2020.

Noting that his motion came astatine “a precise hard clip for them,” Perry nevertheless said helium felt moved astatine witnessing the genuine emotion Meghan and Harry person for 1 different firsthand.

“What I cognize astir the 2 of them, that I privation the satellite knew, is however overmuch they love. These 2 radical emotion each other,” he explained. “Out of each these likelihood against them uncovering each other, they recovered each other. The emotion they person is really, truly moving, and I conscionable wanted to bash thing I could to enactment them.”

He went connected to note, “If I don’t person that ― what she and Harry person ― I don’t privation it.”

Watch Tyler Perry’s “Today” quality below.

Speaking to The Cut past month, Meghan explained that she’d ne'er met Perry earlier she and Harry took him up connected his offer.

“Sometimes, you tin archer your beingness communicative to a alien connected a level arsenic opposed to immoderate of the radical that are closest to you,” she said.

These days, Perry is celebrating the merchandise of a caller passionateness project. On Friday, Netflix volition unveil his latest directorial effort, “A Jazzman’s Blues.” The movie is simply a romanticist play based connected a publication Perry wrote 27 years ago.

In his “Today” appearance, Perry explained however he’d primitively had Will Smith, Halle Berry and Diana Ross successful caput for roles successful the film. The last mentation stars Joshua Boone and Solea Pfieffer, but remains a “labor of love.”

“I knew it was special. I conscionable had to hold for the close time,” helium said. “I imagined large things, but thing to this degree. This is beyond my imagination.”

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