Twitch Bans Gambling Sites After Streamer Scams Folks Out Of $200,000

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A Twitch streamer’s assertion that helium scammed radical retired of much than $200,000 to provender his gambling wont has created an uproar among users and drawn a effect from the streaming level this week.

Abraham Mohammed, besides known arsenic the streamer Sliker, revealed via his watercourse connected Saturday that helium got wealth from Twitch viewers and streamers aft claiming helium needed to get it to debar fiscal issues, Kotaku reported.

He past said helium really intended to usage the wealth to provender a gambling addiction to the crippled Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the website reported.

The revelation caused apical streamers, including Devin Nash, Pokimane and Mizkif, to enactment plans for a boycott astir the week of Christmas that would telephone connected Twitch to marque a connection astir gambling streams and sponsorships.

Kotaku reported that Twitch contented creators person contended that “rich creators promoted harmful contented to young, impressionable fans” via the level done gambling.

Twitch responded to the backlash and the anticipation of a streamers’ boycott by announcing its program to prohibition streaming of definite gambling sites connected its platform.

The level tweeted Tuesday that it planned to prohibit sites that see slots, roulette oregon dice games that “aren’t licensed either successful the U.S. oregon different jurisdictions that supply capable user protection.”

Twitch’s argumentation alteration is scheduled to instrumentality spot Oct. 18.

Twitch said it plans to prohibition the streaming of sites specified arsenic,, and, and whitethorn place much sites going forward.

The argumentation alteration won’t impact sports betting, phantasy sports and poker, Twitch said.

Streamers specified arsenic Pokimane, who gathered much than 312,000 likes expressing enactment of a prohibition connected gambling streams, wrote “we did it y’all” pursuing the argumentation alteration Tuesday.

Nash, who emphasized that the prohibition was “NOT a gambling ban” successful a Twitter thread, wrote that the argumentation alteration leaves country for gambling to proceed to beryllium connected Twitch.

“We volition request to spot the afloat effects of this argumentation update connected October 18th. In its existent wording, this isn’t adjacent adjacent to a luck-based gambling ban,” Nash wrote.

“We indispensable clasp Twitch accountable arsenic a level to bash the close thing, since they lone look to respond to bonzer pressure.”

This is NOT a gambling ban. Headline readers are getting this wrong. Twitch doesn't accidental they are banning luck-based gambling - ONLY definite websites that "aren't licensed successful the U.S." - Unfortunately, this leaves plentifulness of country for gambling to stay connected the website travel Oct. 18th

— Devin (@DevinNash) September 20, 2022
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