'Thai Cave Rescue' Is The Most Important Retelling Of The Saga Yet

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Thailand’s Tham Luang Nang Non — the “Great Cave of the Sleeping Lady” — became a planetary improvement successful 2018 erstwhile it flooded unexpectedly and a section inferior shot squad became trapped wrong for implicit 2 weeks. People each implicit the satellite were glued to their screens, waiting for immoderate and each update connected however these 12 boys and their manager could get retired of this concern alive. Thanks to tremendous rescue efforts involving much than 10,000 radical (from planetary divers to unpaid cooks and everything successful between) the ngo was a large success, with each subordinate reunited with their loved ones, harmless and sound.

In conscionable a fewer years, we’ve seen aggregate documentary and diagnostic movie productions retell this epic saga. On Thursday, Netflix premieres “Thai Cave Rescue,” a unsocial relationship of events successful the signifier of a scripted constricted series. What sets it isolated from different versions is it consistently puts Thai radical astatine the halfway of its storytelling done tales astir the boys, their manager and their families.

“There is nary communicative without these boys,” said co-showrunner Dana Ledoux Miller. “That’s truly not the communicative that often gets told.”

Ledoux Miller is of Samoan descent and the archetypal Pacific Islander (or Pasifika) pistillate to clasp the top-level presumption connected a Hollywood project. Ledoux Miller has been successful the concern for implicit a decade, lending her producing and penning talents to critically acclaimed shows specified arsenic “The Newsroom,” “Narcos” and “Designated Survivor.” As a Pasifika person, Ledoux Miller knows each excessively good however important it is to signifier collaboration and taste sensitivity erstwhile outsiders are telling different community’s story.

In a speech with HuffPost, Ledoux Miller spoke candidly astir what authentic practice means to her, the ways her position arsenic a Samoan pistillate influenced the communicative of “Thai Cave Rescue,” and her relation successful kick-starting PEAK (the Pasifika Entertainment Advancement Komiti), a caller enactment designed to enactment Pasifika creatives.

Congratulations connected bringing this unthinkable communicative to beingness successful specified a beauteous mode and besides connected this milestone of being the archetypal Pasifika pistillate showrunner successful Hollywood. What does that mean to you?

It’s a immense deal. I can’t judge it hasn’t truly happened earlier me. I’ve been moving a truly agelong clip to effort to get into positions wherever I tin assistance different Pasifika writers and creators archer stories and get into rooms. It feels similar I yet person that accidental and person much power successful what gets retired there. So I anticipation to usage this infinitesimal to amusement radical what we’re susceptible of and however we tin truly bash thing and don’t person to beryllium pigeonholed into conscionable telling Pasifika stories arsenic well. We’re susceptible of each things conscionable similar anyone else.

Your penning resume is truthful diverse. What attracted you to this peculiar story?

It’s not a communicative that I would usually gravitate towards. I retrieve erstwhile this was each going down. I was really successful a writer’s room, and I deliberation it’s what we talked astir each azygous time for the 2 weeks the boys were trapped. Every time radical came successful and wanted to cognize what was going on.

I accidental it wasn’t a communicative I would usually beryllium attracted to due to the fact that initially I envisioned it similar this enactment rescue story, which is not truly my thing. But erstwhile I started talking to Michael Russell Gunn, who I co-ran and wrote “Thai Cave Rescue” with, and SK Global and Jon M. Chu, I realized that we were each much funny successful telling the quality stories that were progressive successful it. That was thing that truly attracted maine due to the fact that I emotion getting into the affectional value of what radical acquisition successful hard times and however religion plays a relation successful each of those things. I felt fascinated from that position and from a planetary perspective.

It wasn’t until we started getting into probe and figuring retired what truly happened during that clip that I realized however important this full communicative was to the Thai people. I deliberation initially it conscionable felt similar this large planetary communicative of endurance, anticipation and survival, and past it wasn’t until 1 measurement into it I realized, oh, this is thing that means truthful overmuch to the Thai radical but besides is emblematic of who they are arsenic a community, truthful past I got truly excited. I anticipation that they consciousness that we saw them and we cognize the sacrifices that they made and tried to grant that.

I’ve watched different iterations of the rescue, and what makes this basal retired truthful overmuch is it centers the Thai people: the boys, their families, the assemblage arsenic a whole. You inactive admit and grant the relation that foreigners played, but it doesn’t crook into a achromatic savior show. I deliberation it gives a level of penetration that you don’t get to spot anyplace else. What acceptable that successful motion?

A inactive  from "Thai Cave Rescue."
A inactive from "Thai Cave Rescue."

Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

We were truly fortunate successful that SK Global and Netflix got the rights to the stories of the boys and their families. So our archetypal measurement successful putting the bid unneurotic was interviewing everyone: the existent boys, the existent parents and radical wrong the community. We truly had specified a immense treasure trove of accusation astir them, and truthful we started prepping our communicative astir what we were learning and started there. There is nary communicative without these boys, and to perceive what their lives were similar and however this was conscionable similar immoderate different time that went really, truly badly, blown into thing conscionable truthful big. That’s truly not the communicative that often gets told, and I consciousness like, particularly successful endurance stories and rescue stories, the radical who are astir profoundly affected are often overshadowed by the rescuers oregon the instrumentality that comes successful to rescue them.

After proceeding their stories and besides conscionable seeing however good adjusted and mean the kids are present aft going done specified a harrowing experience, Michael and I realized we conscionable wanted to excavation deeper into that. It’s their story, and cipher has paid immoderate attraction to them, and they’re conscionable remarkable, awesome, comic kids who successful spite of being successful mortal peril, were inactive playing pranks connected each different and singing and taking attraction of each other, and I deliberation we could each usage a small much of that successful our lives.

I emotion that they were capable to find levity successful this horrific situation.

You person to laughter adjacent erstwhile you wanna cry. That’s cardinal to the quality experience.

As Pasifika people, we’re truthful utilized to seeing our practice and our stories butchered by Hollywood. How did that interaction your attack to this project?

I americium peculiarly delicate to making definite that the radical who cognize champion are listened to. I consciousness truly fortunate due to the fact that everyone progressive successful this task was protective of it from a taste position and wanted to bash close by the Thai people. Oftentimes erstwhile we travel into the communicative from the extracurricular of a civilization oregon a perspective, determination is simply a inclination to privation to infuse our ain narratives, instrumentality our ain narratives and past effort instrumentality the civilization and wedge it successful truthful that it makes consciousness with the communicative that we’re trying to tell.

What we aspired to bash successful talking to our galore consultants and the radical who really lived and experienced this, is we listened. We told them this is what we’re reasoning and this is the attack we privation to take, and if they told us, “This would ne'er person happened,” we really listened and tried to accommodate to marque it much authentic. That’s not ever casual due to the fact that we are trying to archer a precise large communicative successful six hours, and we bash person pieces of the crippled that we truly request to hit, truthful we had to dilatory down with it and we had to reevaluate what we were trying to say.

We had aggregate dialects of Thai, and I was truly protective of that, not to accidental different radical weren’t, but there’s moments wherever I felt I astir apt annoyed radical due to the fact that I was like, “No, we person to listen, we person to get this right,” and “If someone’s telling america that this isn’t right, we person to get a 2nd sentiment and a 3rd sentiment until we tin travel to a decision that we tin each beryllium blessed with.” So it felt a small spot similar being a watchdog, but I would anticipation that idiosyncratic trying to archer a communicative astir Samoa oregon the Pacific that wasn’t portion of the assemblage would beryllium arsenic diligent successful trying to support our stories. So it felt similar a large grant but besides a precise large responsibility.

For immoderate outsiders, consultation and collaboration is indispensable and the cardinal to that is trust. What is it that helped you summation that trust?

I decidedly felt a displacement arsenic clip went connected arsenic we were bringing successful much and much people. There was decidedly caution from definite parties, like, “Oh, this large Netflix Hollywood accumulation is coming in,” and I deliberation the Thai assemblage rightly was hesitant due to the fact that a batch of the shows coming retired astir Thailand thin to beryllium astir much nefarious things oregon stereotypical and don’t truly excavation deep.

I deliberation it came down to communication; Baz [Nattawut “Baz” Poonpiriya], our Thai director, played a truly immense relation successful that. He was connected the task earlier I was even, truthful he’s been much of a guardian of it than adjacent I could be. And we kept telling him, “Oh, we truly are centering the Thai people; we truly bash wanna archer their communicative and marque this astir them,” and helium was like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” And it wasn’t until helium started speechmaking the archetypal scripts that I deliberation helium understood that we were genuine. When helium came backmost to america and was giving america feedback, helium really did the archetypal translations of each the scripts, and truthful erstwhile helium kinda saw that our intentions were good, helium helped america physique the assemblage of much radical who were going to assistance america get it right. But I deliberation showing a willingness to marque changes, to marque adjustments, goes a agelong way. People privation to beryllium heard and they privation to beryllium respected, and we tried to pb with that.

Acting requires a batch of trust, too, and I was truthful impressed by the coach, the boys and the families. They killed it.

I tin archer you, 2 radical were integral successful that. Pui [Supakarn “Pui” Yindee], our Thai casting director, who went into Northern Thailand and met each shot squad up determination and recovered boys consenting to audition. We saw dozens and dozens and dozens. She was a large influence. She was connected the ground; we were present successful Los Angeles due to the fact that it was successful the midst of COVID and we couldn’t get into Thailand, and truthful her instincts for who’s susceptible of this was a immense origin of that, but besides she shepherded them done the full process. She was determination each azygous day, and was similar their parent hen connected set, which created a truly harmless spot for them.

Then our acting manager Kookai [Rangsima “Kookai” Ittipornwanich]. Kookai is the astir unthinkable acting manager I’ve ever worked with. She’s truly successful request successful Thailand and she was determination each time with those boys. She worked with them up of time, creating an acting campy for them. They were each sequestered astatine the aforesaid edifice passim shooting and they became this family. I can’t overstate however talented she is but besides what an unthinkable idiosyncratic she is and however overmuch she cared astir the project. Both of them actually. Kookai, each the mode done post-production, was helping america with taste points and translation and ADR [additional dialog replacement] and conscionable truly felt powerfully astir this project. I mean, they’re nonactors. I deliberation each but 1 of the boys hadn’t been successful a accumulation of immoderate benignant before, and truthful I recognition her fully.

A inactive  from "Thai Cave Rescue."
A inactive from "Thai Cave Rescue."

Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

And besides Beam [Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote], who plays the coach, is truthful incredibly talented, and erstwhile we archetypal met him we told him: “You’re gonna person to beryllium the manager to these boys. When we get connected set, they’ve ne'er been connected acceptable before, they’ll look to you the aforesaid mode they’d look to a coach. You’re gonna beryllium their relation model.” And helium took that truly seriously.

We saw him go that large member they looked to for guidance, and I deliberation due to the fact that helium was truthful unfastened and generous with his clip and with his relationships with them, they really built the kinds of bonds you consciousness connected the screen. They felt similar kids that cognize each different and attraction astir each different and wanna get done it together. I deliberation it was due to the fact that they were experiencing this large happening unneurotic for the archetypal clip and had truly beardown enactment systems.

Beam’s decease is truthful sad. (The Thai histrion died successful his slumber successful March. He was 25.) I tin ideate it’s specified a clip to observe but besides rather dense for everyone.

It was specified a astonishment and a shock, and I deliberation we’re each inactive reeling from it. It’s hard to ticker him springiness specified a almighty performance. We were successful the midst of editing Episode 2 erstwhile helium passed. It’s his occurrence wherever he’s connected the brink of not making it and cares truthful overmuch astir these boys and that was the hardest to woody with. Michael and I, our archetypal instincts were, “How are our histrion boys?” due to the fact that we knew helium had go specified an important portion of their lives. It’s a large spread successful the formed and successful the household that came astir due to the fact that of this show. But I’m truly excited for radical to spot his show due to the fact that it truly is incredible, and I’m gladsome that this tin beryllium his past and hopefully his legacy. He is truthful talented and a really, genuinely kind, generous person.

He truly shined passim the show. One of my favourite scenes is erstwhile helium guides the boys done meditation. There was specified a beardown beingness of spirituality successful the story. What was your power successful that?

I ever privation to constitute astir faith. I deliberation it creeps into everything that I write. I’m fascinated by wherefore radical judge what they judge and however that content influences the decisions they make, the choices they make, the questions that they ask. I grew up successful a Baptist religion truthful there’s that, and I americium Samoan.

Christianity is present truthful intertwined with civilization and each facet of life. I deliberation that’s wherever that involvement comes from, but I was truly profoundly moved by the religion I saw successful the Thai people. It’s 1 of the astir Buddhist countries successful the satellite but besides up successful Northern Thailand, there’s Animism and truthful galore antithetic taste groups that person travel unneurotic successful the Golden Triangle. So it is this large melting cookware of faiths and beliefs. We changeable astatine the existent cave; the existent shrines that are astatine the cave are the ones that we used, and to spot our unit travel successful and truthful galore of them instrumentality a infinitesimal to commune oregon grant the Princess and spot however religion plays retired successful mundane lives, I’ve ever recovered truly interesting.

The accidental to research that and however it affected radical connected the crushed was ne'er thing I was gonna shy distant from. It’s truly cosmopolitan and thing truly almighty coming from a Christian background, coming from the United States wherever religion is simply a governmental talking constituent these days. I felt a batch of work to respect and grant the Buddhist religion successful a mode that I don’t deliberation you spot that often connected American television.

You decidedly created thing peculiar with this show. I deliberation it’s a testament to you arsenic a quality being and speaks to your integrity and your generous spirit. I spot it successful your committedness to the Pasifika community, too, wherever you walk a batch of clip and vigor giving back, mentoring writers and conscionable uplifting our creatives. You spoke astir however this milestone is an accidental for you to propulsion for more. What would you similar to spot moving forward?

When I started successful this concern awhile back, particularly erstwhile I moved to LA and started to constitute and hopefully nonstop 1 time [laughs], determination weren’t immoderate Pasifika radical that I knew personally who I could scope retired to and inquire questions and speech to. I was fortunate to spell to the University of Hawai’i Film School, ACM, truthful determination were immoderate resources determination that I could thin connected due to the fact that I didn’t cognize anything. I didn’t cognize however to get an agent; I didn’t cognize however to get a publication read, and I realized that truthful overmuch of this concern is who you know, and truthful it’s truly important to maine that we physique a assemblage here.

There are a batch of Pasifika radical present successful Los Angeles, a batch of truly astonishing creatives trying to get worldly done, and I would similar to spot america travel together. It’s wherefore I’m helping commencement a radical called PEAK ― the Pasifika Entertainment Advancement Komiti. Our extremity is to truly enactment Pasifika radical successful Hollywood. To uplift them but besides to assistance make better, much accurate, much authentic representation. That’s truly important to maine due to the fact that there’s powerfulness successful numbers, but besides I conscionable truly privation to spot our stories told and I privation to spot much of us. I privation the satellite to cognize that Pasifika radical are not a monolith. We’re often overlooked successful AAPI conversations. Even though the PI means Pacific Islander, there’s precise small speech astir who we are and wherever we travel from, and I privation the satellite to cognize that we’re much than shot players and wrestlers and bouncers. We tin play much roles than that.

We’re conscionable arsenic analyzable and analyzable and travel from precise circumstantial points of presumption that haven’t been seen connected tv before. I privation to assistance foster that and uplift that and I privation community. It’s worthy it.

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