Subaru E-RA EV Concept Revealed, Will Attempt Nürburgring Lap Record

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  • Subaru unveiled the STI E-RA conception astatine the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. It produces 1073 horsepower and features torque-vectoring all-wheel drive.
  • The Solterra STI conception previews a imaginable sporty variant of Subaru's electrical crossover, adding a rear helping and a red-accented beforehand splitter.
  • Subaru besides showed a WRX and a BRZ with STI show parts specified arsenic a carbon-fiber rear wing.

    Subaru brought 2 electrical conception cars to the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, and some are the merchandise of the Japanese brand's Subaru Tecnica International motorsport subsidiary. The STI E-RA conception is an electrical contention car that STI volition usage to effort a Nürburgring thigh record, portion the Solterra STI conception shows what a high-performance variant of Subaru's electrical crossover could look like.

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    The STI E-RA is simply a low-slung, bewinged way car with 1073 horsepower pumping retired of 4 electrical motors, 1 astatine each wheel. This allows the E-RA to person a torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system, and the motors provender disconnected a 60.0-kWh lithium-ion battery. The all-wheel-drive setup has been built successful accordance with the FIA's E-GT motorsport regulations which volition signifier the ground of an electrical sports car racing title starting successful 2023. Subaru besides says that starting successful 2023, the STI E-RA volition effort to acceptable a six-minute, 40-second thigh astir the Nürburgring way successful Germany.

    With the Solterra STI concept, Subaru gave its caller electrical crossover a show makeover. The STI conception includes a roof-mounted spoiler and a reddish beforehand splitter. Red accents besides popular up connected the broadside skirts, rear bumper, and 1 spoke of the five-spoke wheels. Subaru didn't notation immoderate method details for the Solterra STI. Given that Toyota besides revealed a show mentation of the Solterra's sister car, the Toyota bZ4X, accumulation versions of some could beryllium possible.

    Along with the 2 EVs, Subaru showed disconnected 2 gas-powered models, the caller WRX and BRZ, modified with STI show parts. The WRX S4 STI show conception gains a carbon-fiber rear helping and a reddish beforehand splitter and broadside skirts, perchance previewing what the WRX STI volition look similar erstwhile arrives successful the adjacent future. The BRZ STI show besides comes with a high-rise rear helping and a much assertive beforehand splitter, though it is improbable that Subaru volition physique a full-fledged STI mentation of the BRZ.

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