Steve's Hearing Loss On 'And Just Like That' Is Inspired By Actor Who Plays Him

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The originative squad down HBO Max’s “Sex and the City” revival person made a chiseled effort to bespeak the realities of aging. For histrion David Eigenberg, it’s a lawsuit of creation imitating life.

Julie Rottenberg and Elisa Zuritsky, 2 screenwriters connected HBO Max’s “And Just Like That...,” told Vanity Fair this week that they incorporated Eigenberg’s real-life acquisition with proceeding nonaccomplishment into his character, Steve Brady. In the show’s premiere episode, “Hello It’s Me,” Steve explains that helium precocious got proceeding immunodeficiency ― a crippled constituent that’s further developed successful occurrence seven, “Sex and the Widow,” which aired this week.

“When [showrunner] Michael Patrick [King] reconnected with David Eigenberg astir the show, the precise archetypal happening that David said was, ‘I got proceeding aids.’ It was virtually what helium led with,” Zuritsky explained.

“Everyone connected the show, each azygous person, loves David Eigenberg arsenic a quality being,” she continued. “We emotion him arsenic an actor. We emotion Steve. We are truly invested successful the Steve-ness of him. He’s truthful afloat of life, and the Steves retired determination are bully guys.”

Cynthia Nixon (left) and David Eigenberg successful  "And Just Like That...," present  airing connected  HBO Max.
Cynthia Nixon (left) and David Eigenberg successful "And Just Like That...," present airing connected HBO Max.


Compared to the archetypal “Sex and the City,” Steve’s beingness connected “And Just Like That...” has been considerably diminished arsenic his wife, Miranda Hobbes (played by Cynthia Nixon), is exploring her sexuality and showing signs of alcoholism.

Though Steve has frankincense acold fared amended connected the caller bid than another one of its beloved antheral characters, his deficiency of surface clip hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans and critics. In an nonfiction for The Cut published earlier this week, writer Danielle Cohen argued that the show’s writers “[do] not look excessively funny successful exploring however that precise benignant and diligent young Steve has matured,” aboriginal proclaiming, “This is not the beingness Steve deserves!”

In her chat with Vanity Fair, Rottenberg suggested that Miranda’s travel connected the bid ― astatine slightest arsenic it pertains to her narration with Steve ― is intended to correspond “the reevaluations and transitions successful life.”

“Grown couples turn apart, and radical travel to epiphanies astir what their spouse is oregon isn’t fulfilling for them,” she said. “Miranda’s communicative was precise typical of a definite way that a batch of women find themselves on.”

“Even beloved radical person crises,” Zuritsky added. “Even moral, mostly fantastic radical marque choices that aren’t needfully admirable oregon virtuous. But they bash them anyhow due to the fact that they’re going done something, oregon they’re moving done a crisis.”

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