Skip Bayless' 'Performative' Stunt After Cowboys Lose Annoys Heck Out Of Twitter

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Fans trashed Fox Sports personality Skip Bayless for slamming his Dak Prescott jersey into the garbage on Sunday in a Twitter video. (Watch it below.)

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback threw two costly interceptions in a divisional playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers, which assured that “America’s Team” will reach 28 years without making the Super Bowl.

“I’m sorry. That’s it, I’ve had it with Dak,” Bayless wrote in the caption.

Bayless, a co-host of “Undisputed” on Fox Sports 1 and former columnist for the Dallas Morning News, has been critical of Prescott’s penchant for turnovers.

But many fans on social media weren’t so convinced of Bayless’ outrage. They blasted his acting skills, his kitchen, and the lack of spontaneity and originality in the footage.

Bayless did the same thing to an Ezekiel Elliott jersey (while wearing a Prescott jersey!) after a Cowboys loss in 2019.

But hey, Skip, go with what works.

The longtime personality also has made headlines by insulting LeBron James and seriously irking his co-host Shannon Sharpe.

Now he’s got Twitter riled up, too.

Seeing him stand in the doorway for a couple of seconds waiting to make sure the camera is rolling makes this ART.

— Robert 'Blue Checkmark' Rimpson (@Rimpsanity) January 23, 2023

Skip makes all that money being a heel and this is the best he can do for a kitchen?! Way more offensive than anything he says

— Mitchell Schwartz (@MitchSchwartz71) January 23, 2023

Would pay a good amount of money to watch him come back around the corner once the camera stopped rolling, reach into the garbage, get the jersey out, make sure there’s nothing on it and hang it back up in his closet. The only walk of shame I’m interested in.

— Rachel Bonnetta (@rachelbonnetta) January 23, 2023
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