Police looking for car in casino shooting

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D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) - The antheral changeable and killed successful the Scarlet Pearl parking batch aboriginal Wednesday greeting has present been identified, and constabulary are actively searching for the suspect’s vehicle.

D’Iberville Police are alerting the nationalist to beryllium connected the lookout for the fishy vehicle, perchance a acheronian bluish Nissan Altima, two-door, older model. The car was reported stolen and is missing a rear bumper and has a switched Alabama tag (2CW6059).

D’Iberville Police Chief Shannon Nobles told WLOX the suspect’s car has been spotted backmost successful Mobile. Investigators are moving connected immoderate leads tied to the car and are moving intimately with Mobile constabulary to find the car and the execution suspect.

If you person seen this vehicle, study it instantly to instrumentality enforcement. The fig for D’Iberville Police is 228-396-4252.

D’Iberville Police responded to the parking batch aft a shooting astir 2 a.m. There, they recovered 36-year-old Nicholaus Craig dormant successful his car, according to Harrison County Coroner Brian Switzer.

The coroner tells america Craig lives successful California but is primitively from Mobile. Switzer learned Craig was heading location this week to spot his ma and observe his birthday, which was conscionable yesterday- September 20. Before reaching Mobile, Craig and his woman rented a country astatine Scarlet Pearl, according to Craig’s mother. This is wherever helium spent his 36th birthday.

Craig and his woman ate meal astatine the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tuesday nighttime earlier heading backmost to the Scarlet Pearl. According to Craig’s girlfriend, the parking batch was afloat erstwhile they got back, truthful they had to parkland adjacent the back.

She says aboriginal connected successful the night, astir 2 a.m., Craig was having occupation sleeping owed to his caller backmost country and decided to spell down to his car. She says helium was considering going for a ride. While sitting successful his car, idiosyncratic changeable and killed him.

He died from a azygous gunshot wound. The autopsy volition instrumentality spot Thursday.

We reached retired to Scarlet Pearl for comment. Here’s what they said:

“Our thoughts are with the families impacted by this incident. And we person nary further remark until the D’Iberville Police Department completes their investigation.”

If you person immoderate different accusation astir this incident, delight study it to D’Iberville Police astatine 228-396-4252 oregon Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers astatine 877-787-5898.

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