Philadelphia Inquirer Refuses To Endorse Pennsylvania GOP Candidates

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The Philadelphia Inquirer announced Friday it would not endorse immoderate Republican candidates successful the Pennsylvania GOP Senate oregon politician primaries.

The newspaper’s editorial committee said it took “no pleasure” successful the determination — calling it alternatively “a bittersweet authorities of affairs.”

“With termination rights astatine involvement and right-leaning candidates who can’t hold connected who won the 2020 election, The Inquirer Editorial Board has chosen not to endorse a Republican for legislature oregon governor,” it revealed

The committee has historically managed to find “points of agreement” with Republican candidates they don’t needfully enactment wholesale, it wrote.

But the unwillingness of astir of the GOP hopefuls to judge Joe Biden’s 2020 predetermination win, and their determination to rotation backmost termination rights, has outgo them the paper’s backing.

The Inquirer “wanted to assistance supply guidance to Inquirer readers with an endorsement successful the Republican primaries this twelvemonth — but we couldn’t.” the committee concluded. “Nevertheless, we volition not halt engaging successful escaped statement and statement until information prevails.”

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