Office-Friendly Clothes You Could Also Wear On The Weekend

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If you’ve ever second-guessed after-work meal plans due to the fact that your outfit was each bureau and nary fun, past you’re going to privation to support scrolling to the pursuing database of covering items that are acold from the stuffy grey blazers and ill-fitting slacks that you mightiness usually spot successful the workplace.

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A sleeveless V-neck plaything midi formal with pockets that's cleanable for summer

Available successful sizes S–XL and successful 17 colors and prints.

Promising review:
"I've had this formal bouncing astir successful my cart for a agelong time. I kept adding it and past redeeming it for aboriginal disquieted it mightiness not beryllium a bully quality. Finally I decided to springiness it a effort and I'm truthful gladsome I yet did. It is truthful cute and versatile. I tin deterioration this formal to work, to a classy day nighttime with my husband, to a bully household function, oregon adjacent to tally errands with immoderate summertime sandals without looking implicit the top." — Jessie

A brace of stylish fabric belted linen pants with a relaxed fit

Available successful sizes S–XL and 19 colors.

Promising review:
"The acceptable is perfect! Very versatile, you tin formal them up oregon casual oregon arsenic formation coverup pants." — Briana Long

A high-waisted pleated maxi skirt with pockets

Available successful sizes XS–XXL and 14 colors.

Promising review:
"I emotion however the skirt looks. I often don’t tuck successful my t-shirts and blouses but with this I tin tuck it successful and past enactment a cardigan with it and it looks precise cute and professional. As a teacher, I emotion the versatility and acceptable of this piece." — Amazon customer

A mesh sheet blouse with flowing bell-sleeves

Available successful sizes S–XXL and successful 42 colors.

Promising review:

"This apical is SO cute! It fits good and is simply a truly beauteous cloth that feels overmuch much costly than it is. The doorbell sleeves are fashionable and the terms constituent can’t beryllium beat! I highly recommend." — Caitlin Brewer

An elegant belted body-con formal that tin besides beryllium worn astatine peculiar events

Available successful sizes XS–5XL and 12 colors.

Promising review:
"This formal was my last-minute acquisition for my nephew's wedding. Everything astir it was perfect. The compliments I received the full nighttime were amazing. Will decidedly effort different color. I loved it." — Soledad/Fidel

A sleeveless vessel apical with lace detail

Available successful sizes S–XXXL and 36 colors.

Promising review:

"This is simply a cute shirt! It is brushed and has a bully agelong to it truthful you don't consciousness constricted. Overall, the garment is precise comfortable. It is not sheer astatine all. It seems existent to size. It is simply a bully summation to my wardrobe!" — JR

A button-down blouse that's made from a cool, lightweight fabric

Available successful sizes S–XXL and successful 31 colors.

Promising review
: "I emotion the texture of this shirt. It’s a batch similar linen. It tin beryllium dressed up oregon down. A bully staple for the money." — Oklahoma

A chic striped rainbow midi formal with puffed sleeves

Mr Water New York is an Asian American woman-owned tiny Etsy store filled with unique, stylish and sometimes vintage-inspired pieces. This formal is disposable successful sizes 00–12.

Promising review: "I perfectly emotion this dress!! I get truthful galore compliments erstwhile I deterioration it and it’s genuinely 1 of a kind." — Victoria Kennedy

A sleeveless racerback tee that's some flattering and versatile

Available successful sizes XS–XXL and 20 colors.

Promising review:
"I truly emotion the acceptable of these tanks connected me. They are a super-soft heavy but breathable material. I person ordered aggregate colors astatine this constituent and person paired them successful truthful galore antithetic ways. I emotion to deterioration them with agelong skirts for a much dressed-up look. They look large with shorts successful the lukewarm weather. I get blistery precise easy and though the worldly is warmer, I was ace comfortable! These volition beryllium large for wintertime successful New England arsenic good due to the fact that the cloth is thicker and much comfortable! These tanks are a bully magnitude and spell large tucked successful oregon implicit your bottoms." — Ashley Bonnett

A escaped linen formal that is functional and effortless

Magic Linen is simply a family-owned tiny concern based successful Lithuania that creates beauteous linen apparel and location products that are each Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they are escaped from harmful substances and chemicals. This formal is disposable successful sizes XS–XXL.

Promising review: "This formal fits perfectly. I emotion the wide neckline and however it hangs. The pockets are my favorite." — Sherrice K.

A stylish and breathable jumpsuit that you tin brace with a blazer for meetings

Available successful sizes S–3XL and successful 31 colors.

Promising review:

"It is made from bully worldly and it is structured precise well. Depending connected the footwear and accessories, it tin beryllium dressed up oregon dressed down. When I request to beryllium connected a video league with a client, I tin easy propulsion connected a blazer oregon cardigan. I deliberation escaped jumpsuits are cute." — shlynn

A vibrant velvet V-neck camisole that's reminiscent of the '90s.

Available successful sizes XS–XL and 16 colors.

Promising review:
"Absolutely unthinkable worth for this ace brushed cami! The velvet agelong is cleanable for a looser fit. Surprisingly precise good made. I've seen versions of this camisole astatine Nordstrom for implicit $30! Such a bully terms — I'm stocking up now!" — Ethan B.

A knitted sweater-vest with an over-sized acceptable and tons of styling potential

Available successful sizes S–L and 18 colors.

Promising review:
"Love this! It fits perfect!! I paired it with a achromatic turtleneck underneath, but the options are limitless here. I was amazed astatine the prime of this item. This point is precise trendy. I would definitely, and might, bargain again precise soon!" — Amazon customer

Linen fabric drawstring pants that look similar denim but consciousness similar pajamas

Available successful sizes 00–24, successful classical and petite and 9 colors.

Promising review

: "I emotion these pants truthful much. I bought acheronian bluish successful a store and loved it truthful overmuch I ordered the chambray. They are ace comfortable. They tin beryllium dressed down for errands oregon dressed up with a cute blouse for casual enactment days." — Miche

A must-have open-front blazer that tin beryllium some nonrecreational and casual

Available successful sizes 4–22 and 29 colors.

Promising review:
"I was pleasantly amazed astatine however large it acceptable and felt. The worldly is brushed and precise stretchy. It gives you a batch of state with movement. Looks large dressed up oregon successful dressed-down outfits. I'm precise blessed with this purchase." — AME139

A V-neck romper jumpsuit that's breathable, lightweight and unthinkable comfortable

Available successful sizes S–XL and 26 colors.

Promising review:
"I get compliments connected this jumper each azygous clip I deterioration it. I deterioration it unsocial with sandals, ankle boots, tennis shoes oregon heels. It tin beryllium dressed up oregon down. It looks large with an service benignant overgarment oregon jean jacket. It truly is conscionable truthful cute and strangers travel up to maine and archer maine however cute it is. And it is SO comfy. It feels similar I'm wearing pajamas. I tin deterioration it successful the vigor of the summertime oregon outpouring and with a jacket. I truly emotion this jumper. So overmuch so, that I present ain it successful service greenish / olive, achromatic and my archetypal navy. It's good worthy the price." — Rebecca G.

A high-waisted leopard skirt made from satin

Available successful sizes S–XL.

Promising review:
"I emotion the worldly of this skirt. It looks good made and doesn’t look cheap. You tin formal it up oregon down. A precise versatile portion to person successful your closet." — Bargain shopper

A bell-sleeve embroidered tunic formal that tin brace good with heels, flats oregon adjacent boots

Available successful sizes XS–XXL and successful 2 colors.

Promising review:
"I truly bash emotion this dress. (I got the achromatic 1 with reddish floral embroidery.) I've worn it to meal and connected a cruise. I tin astir apt deterioration it to a wedding oregon a formation party. You tin formal it up with heels oregon deterioration level sandals with it. I adjacent wore it with my Chucks and it looked adorable. No accessorizing needed, but you tin propulsion connected a elemental necklace and go. So easy! (Quality besides seems good. Thick worldly = nary bra indispensable for me! Yay!!)" — Poupee Folle

A calf-length button-down made from fabric that's roomy, stylish,and lightweight

Available successful sizes XS–XXL and 10 colors.

Promising review:
"Every clip I deterioration this, I get compliments — and you volition too! Would highly urge this comfy and precise chic dress. 5/5 stars for sure!" — Kate

A super-stretchy pencil skirt that's some flattering and comfortable

Available successful sizes XS–XXL and successful 20 colors.

Promising review:
"I emotion the comfortableness and stretch. If I ever get retired of enactment and person a life, I can’t hold to brace it with my achromatic leather sneakers and denim jacket." — CoffeeChick

A ruffled cap-sleeve midi formal with an A-line cut

Available successful 14 colors and successful sizes S–XL.

Promising review:
"I emotion however comfy and airy this is. Because of the fabric, it is simply a precise versatile wear. I tin deterioration it to church, to a outpouring wedding oregon to enactment teaching. You tin formal it up oregon down." — lljnr

A lace-detailed ballon-sleeved blouse

Available successful sizes S–XXL and 40 colors.

Promising review:
"There are truthful galore details connected this top! It’s precise bully quality. I emotion the achromatic due to the fact that it looks classy and cleanable for a day nighttime top. Plus, this is really COMFORTABLE!" — Nicole Petersen

Cropped pants with an elastic insubstantial bag-style waistband and bow belt

Available successful sizes XS–XXXL and successful 37 colors/styles.

Promising review:
"These pants are sooo cute, and they person pockets! I americium an lawsuit planner and wore them to a firm league with booties, and received truthful galore compliments (even an email asking wherever to buy)!" — Mary H.

A flowy floral people blouse that seamlessly blends with jeans oregon slacks

Available successful sizes 1X–4X and 43 colors.

Promising review:
"I tin usage this garment for enactment with slacks oregon for play with jeans. It's precise versatile. It fits good!" — Amazon customer

A silky button-down blouse that adds an constituent of people to your outfit

Available successful sizes XS–5XL and 52 colors.

Promising review:
"Wow! I ne'er constitute reviews and honestly I ne'er got thing large connected Amazon but this apical is fantastic! It was inexpensive but does not look cheap, and the aureate colour is beautiful. I could person gone down a size but it’s good — I volition beryllium tucking in. Beautiful brushed blouse. I’m precise blessed with this purchase!" — Alex Velez

A vintage-inspired floral puff-sleeve blouse

Available successful sizes XS–XL and 30 colors.

Promising review:
"I perfectly emotion this top! It's a large benignant for this outpouring and summer. It's precise lightweight. I got a lighter colour and with a nude bra, it's not spot through. It lays precise nicely and is simply a large camouflaging top! I got rather a fewer compliments connected it!" — Amazon customer

A gingham high-neck pencil dress

Available successful sizes XS–5X and 15 colors.

Promising review:
"This is 1 of my implicit favourite enactment dresses of each time! I consciousness similar Joan from Mad Men each clip I deterioration it. I get compliments each time. This formal looks adjacent amended with a skinny loop to specify your earthy waistline, and the mock turtleneck collar is simply a classy item that pulls it each together. It's comfortable, lightweight and breathable, portion inactive being opaque and bully quality. Oh, and it doesn't wrinkle!" — Rebecca

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