‘Late-Term Abortion’ Is A Phrase Politicians Made Up

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When Republicans unveiled their legislation banning abortion nationwide astatine 15 weeks into gestation connected Tuesday, they rolled it out with a acquainted but profoundly troubling phrase: “late-term abortions.”

As prevalent arsenic the look is, it’s a governmental conception that’s meaningless successful a aesculapian sense, doctors and experts connected reproductive rights person said for years, and words substance erstwhile they’re being utilized to legislate astir people’s bodies.

“The operation ‘late-term abortion’ is simply a governmental buzzword, not aesculapian terminology,” Dr. Katie McHugh, an OB-GYN successful Indiana and committee seat with Physicians for Reproductive Health, told HuffPost.

“Abortion bans based connected gestational property are particularly violative due to the fact that they are based lone successful ideology, not successful aesculapian subject oregon communal sense,” she continued.

Doctors lone usage the operation “late-term” to notation to a gestation ― not an termination ― 41 weeks aft the past menstrual period, and termination “does not hap astatine that gestational age,” McHugh explained. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) outlines it the aforesaid successful its guide to termination language, saying there’s “no objective oregon aesculapian significance” to the word erstwhile applied to abortions.

A alleged “late-term abortion,” meanwhile, seems to beryllium immoderate the Republican penning the measure wants it to be. Tuesday’s measure from Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), titled the “Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act,” says that cutoff is astatine 15 weeks. But another bill Graham and different Republicans person tried to walk respective times successful caller years held up 20 weeks arsenic the “late-term” cutoff. The salient anti-abortion Charlotte Lozier Institute, meanwhile, claims the operation is due for abortions performed starting astatine 13 weeks of pregnancy.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., smiles earlier  speaking during his quality    league  connected  Capitol Hill to denote  a nationalist  measure  connected  termination  restrictions successful  Washington connected  Tuesday.
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., smiles earlier speaking during his quality league connected Capitol Hill to denote a nationalist measure connected termination restrictions successful Washington connected Tuesday.

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It’s apt that the radical down these bans ― galore of whom would similar to spot termination banned astatine each signifier of gestation ― aren’t really acrophobic with the specifics here, but alternatively with the almighty imagery a operation similar “late-term abortion” invokes.

“Much of the connection that is colloquially utilized to picture termination oregon sermon wellness policies that interaction termination has a ground successful anti-choice rhetoric and is inherently biased and inaccurate — and astatine the precise least, is not medically appropriate,” ACOG explains successful its guide.

Former President Donald Trump, for one, has repeatedly brought up “late-term abortions” during his run rallies, past proceeded to picture doctors “ripping babies consecutive from the mother’s womb, close up until the precise infinitesimal of birth” ― an illustration that has nary ground successful reality.

Though there’s a myriad of reasons wherefore idiosyncratic mightiness hold to question retired an termination aft the archetypal trimester of gestation ― due to the fact that laws successful their authorities made the process analyzable and time-consuming to entree oregon due to the fact that a fetal anomaly came to light, for 2 ― the anti-abortion movement’s connection astir those circumstances is astir ever stigmatizing and afloat of convulsive descriptions of a mostly harmless procedure.

“Calling a 15 oregon 20 week termination ‘late term’ is different mode for anti-abortion radical to scare the uninformed and shame large radical for the decisions we marque astir our ain bodies — truthful that they tin get distant with legislating those decisions for us,” Holly Nunn, the editorial manager astatine Planned Parenthood, tweeted Monday. “It’s astir power implicit us.”

Lawmakers’ descriptions of “late-term abortions” astir ever impact graphic and disturbing accounts of fetal pain, and Tuesday’s measure is nary exception. Though the projected authorities rests connected the statement that there’s beardown grounds from “recent aesculapian probe and analysis” that a fetus has the capableness for symptom earlier 15 weeks of pregnancy, ACOG is unwavering successful its position.

“The subject conclusively establishes that a quality fetus does not person the capableness to acquisition symptom until aft astatine slightest 24-25 weeks,” the radical says. “Every large aesculapian enactment that has examined this contented and peer-reviewed studies connected the substance person consistently reached the decision that termination earlier this constituent does not effect successful the cognition of symptom successful a fetus.”

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