How To Boost Endorphins Without Exercise

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Cold wintertime days and agelong wintertime nights mean galore folks are astir apt hoping to boost their happiness levels naturally, and 1 mode to bash truthful is done the merchandise of endorphins, which person a big of mood-boosting benefits.

Endorphins are earthy hormones successful your assemblage that springiness you the classical “runner’s high” feeling, said Dr. Elizabeth C. Gardner, orthopedics sports medicine surgeon astatine Yale Medicine. “They artifact retired pain, they artifact stress.”

She added that studies adjacent amusement they alteration symptoms of slump and anxiousness and assistance you consciousness much optimistic and satisfied. In different words, what’s not to emotion astir endorphins?

We each cognize that workout results successful the merchandise of endorphins — particularly high-intensity interval training, ongoing mean exercise, radical fittingness classes and running — but different activities tin boost your endorphin levels, too.

Here, experts stock however to boost your blessed hormones without lacing up your moving shoes.

Massage And Acupuncture

Both massage and acupuncture person been shown to stimulate the merchandise of endorphins, peculiarly erstwhile circumstantial trigger points are targeted, Gardner said.

When symptom trigger points are hit, that “induces the symptom sensation [and] tin pb to the merchandise of endorphins,” she said, due to the fact that “endorphins are your earthy symptom reliever.”

Those endorphins past pb to a consciousness of relaxation during and aft a massage oregon acupuncture.


“There’ve been some studies that person shown that accordant meditation tin assistance to merchandise endorphins,” Gardner said, but the nonstop crushed for wherefore that happens is unknown.

“There’s a small spot of a cause-and-effect quandary here, but accordant meditations look to [cause] higher levels of endorphins,” she said.

Studies besides show that meditation tin beryllium an effectual instrumentality for accent absorption and that radical who meditate person higher levels of serotonin — a earthy chemic the assemblage makes that helps amended mood.

In different words, if you signifier accordant meditation, you’re apt to consciousness immoderate mood-boosting effects.


The burst of laughter that happens during a comic TV amusement oregon erstwhile cracking jokes with friends whitethorn really person much benefits than you think.

According to Sharon Collison, a registered dietitian and teacher of objective nutrition astatine the University of Delaware, many studies person shown that “laughter physiologically stimulates the accumulation of beta-endorphins.”

Once again, the nonstop crushed down this is up for debate, but Gardner noted that galore radical deliberation the endorphin merchandise comes from the heavy breathing and whole-body question that is associated with laughing. “It’s astir simulating an workout to me,” she said, which could beryllium the crushed down the endorphin release.

UV Light

“Being extracurricular connected a bully time has relaxing feelings associated with it,” Gardner said. “And portion of it is that the UV airy helps to stimulate the merchandise of beta-endorphins.”

Additionally, the encephalon releases serotonin erstwhile the assemblage is exposed to sunlight, adding to the summation successful blessed hormones.

Playing euphony  tin  summation   your endorphin levels.

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Playing euphony tin summation your endorphin levels.


Sex is quoted a batch arsenic a mode to summation endorphins, Gardner noted. This could beryllium owed to the carnal quality of the enactment and the workout that comes with it, since workout is an endorphin booster, too.

What’s more, studies besides amusement that having sex tin trim levels of cortisol, which is the body’s accent hormone.


Yoga is technically moving out, but it’s astir apt not an workout you subordinate with the merchandise of endorphins, which is usually thought to spell with long-distance runs and aggravated rotation classes.

But that conception is wrong. According to Collison, yoga besides boosts your endorphins on with different feel-good hormones and lowers cortisol levels.


Playing euphony is different known mode to merchandise endorphins, Gardner said. In fact, a 2012 survey measured symptom tolerance (since endorphins are a symptom reliever) successful performers and recovered that singing, dancing and drumming each trigger endorphin release.

As acold arsenic listening to music, the information is much mixed. Some experts similar Gardner accidental that the enactment of listening to euphony tin merchandise endorphins, too, portion others accidental much probe is needed. One happening the studies hold on, though? Listening to euphony tin origin the merchandise of dopamine, which is different chemic that improves your mood.

So, adjacent if listening to euphony doesn’t effect successful an endorphin release, it does effect successful the merchandise of different blessed hormone — and erstwhile it comes down to it, you won’t adjacent cognize the difference; you’ll conscionable cognize you consciousness a small better.

As for food, experts person differing opinions.

While galore radical presume spicy foods and acheronian cocoa tin origin a merchandise of endorphins, Collison isn’t truthful sure.

She noted that immoderate studies vaguely notation that nutrient tin boost endorphin levels but don’t spell into item regarding however they bash truthful oregon adjacent what foods are champion for an endorphin boost.

“To date, determination [are] nary randomized controlled trials that amusement grounds of nutrient expanding endorphins successful the body,” Collison said. So, astatine this point, it’s astir apt champion to get your endorphin boost elsewhere.

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