Fossils of a dinosaur that inspired 'Jurassic Park' sold for over $12 million

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Written by By Zoe Sottile, CNN

His sanction is "Hector," he's implicit 100 cardinal years old, and his fossils sold for much than $12 cardinal successful auction astatine Christie's.

Hector is the astir implicit skeleton of Deinonychus antirrhopus ever found, according to Christie's. The specimen, excavated successful Montana successful 2013, dates backmost to the aboriginal Cretaceous period: 115 to 108 cardinal years ago. It's successful a "remarkable authorities of preservation," the auction location says of the specimen, consisting of 126 archetypal fossils connected a custom-built frame.

The batch was expected to nett betwixt $4 cardinal and $6 million, according to Christie's.

Instead, it sold for a jaw-dropping $12.4 cardinal connected Wednesday.

The 9-foot-long Deinonychus, which roamed occidental North America, was named for its distinctive and deadly claw connected each foot, says the auction house. Deinonychus means "terrible claw" successful past Greek.

"Shaped similar a sickle and held up disconnected the crushed erstwhile not successful usage truthful arsenic to support its lethal sharpness, this claw was utilized to disembowel its prey," said Christie's.

The lethal talon mightiness beryllium acquainted to fans of the iconic movie bid "Jurassic Park," successful which conniving velociraptors termination parkland guests and conflict a Tyrannosaurus rex. However, successful reality, Velociraptor was a tiny turkey-sized dinosaur recovered mostly successful Mongolia. Filmmakers lifted its name, but took astir of the attributes from the larger Deinonychus, according to Christie's.

Hector, lone the 3rd implicit skeleton of Deinonychus ever found, has been privately owned since his excavation. The different 2 implicit Deinonychus skeletons are owned by museums: 1 is connected show astatine the American Museum of Natural History.

Dinosaur fossils, peculiarly for "celebrity" taxon similar those featured successful "Jurassic Park," person fetched awesome sums astatine auction successful the past fewer decades. In 2020, a T.rex skeleton sold for a record-breaking $31.8 million, and successful 2021, the world's largest Triceratops skeleton sold for $7.7 million.

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