Dog lost for over 3 months found safe

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CBS News Live

CBS News Pittsburgh Live

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Zeus had been missing for 3 months aft jumping retired of a car and moving off. 

According to Pittsburgh Public Safety, earlier this summertime Zeus, its owner, and his kids were driving crossed the Homestead Bridge erstwhile 1 of the children opened a window, which caused Zeus to leap retired and tally away. 

Then, connected Wednesday, Animal Care and Control received a telephone of a mislaid dog. 

"We got a telephone for a canine recovered and erstwhile we arrived and scanned the dog, which had a microchip, we were capable to interaction the owners," said Animal Control Officer Jeff Ley. "We returned the canine and recovered retired contiguous is the owner's birthday!"

Zeus was scanned, checked out, and returned to his proprietor Mr. Boyd harmless and sound. 

Talk astir a blessed birthday. 

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