Best Local Used Cars: Window Shop with Car and Driver

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It tin beryllium amusive to behaviour a multi-state hunt for a utilized car and embark connected a roadworthy travel to prime up your prized purchase, but it's not ever the astir applicable approach. Sometimes you conscionable request a car quickly, truthful we went hyper-local for this week's occurrence of Window Shopping.

The situation was to find the champion car wrong 10 miles, sticking to a fund of $20,000. With 2 of our participants successful Michigan, 2 successful California, and 1 successful Kentucky, we each entered our zip codes and acceptable our hunt parameters adjacent by to spot what we could find.

Road & Track elder exertion John Pearley Huffman ever weasels successful notation of his beloved hamlet of Santa Barbara, California adjacent erstwhile the situation isn't location-based, and this week helium recovered a distinctive Subaru successful town. Huffman adjacent went the other mile and drove to spot the car successful person, and the video footage helium shared is thing to behold. Contributor Jonathan Ramsey went next, complaining that helium could lone find "ancient Toyotas" nearby; his prime was so an past Toyota, but not 1 you'd expect.

Senior exertion Joey Capparella and lawman investigating manager K.C. Colwell some bemoaned the deficiency of desirable utilized cars for merchantability successful Michigan. Both ended up with decent but not stellar finds and determination was overmuch treatment of rust and wide Midwestern malaise. And finally, L.A.-based cars manager Tony Quiroga presented an absorbing BMW M car with a questionable Craigslist advertisement perchance featuring photos taken connected aggregate bridges.

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