Bald eagle, barn owl killed by raccoons

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (KCTV) - A bald eagle and barn owl astatine the Birds of Prey grounds astatine Prairie Park Nature Center were killed past week by raccoons that breached a abstraction betwixt an extracurricular wood obstruction and the wired-fence cage country wherever the birds were housed.

According to a merchandise from the City of Lawrence, unit has since added measures to fortify the cage country and support predators out.

The bald eagle, Kansa, was acquired by the quality halfway successful January 2003 from the Kansas State University veterinary session arsenic a one-year-old bird. Following an extended rehabilitation aft suffered traumatic helping injuries successful a collision with a powerline, Kansa went connected show successful May 2003.

Serena, the barn owl, arrived astatine the quality halfway successful 2011 from Walden’s Puddle successful Tennessee.

Parks and Recreation unit are moving connected a tribute to grant the birds for the work they provided the Lawrence community.

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