80-year-old woman killed in home invasion

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PERSON COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Two radical person been arrested successful transportation to a Person County location penetration wherever a pistillate was recovered dead.

It appeared 80-year-old Nancy Horton had been dormant for a portion aft her assemblage was discovered Tuesday nighttime astatine her location connected Burlington Road, according to the Person County Sheriff's Office. The sheriff's bureau said Horton was killed during the location invasion.

Two sources who spoke to Sheriff Dewey Jones confirmed the interruption successful the case.

On Wednesday evening, Jones identified the suspects arsenic Roger Letroy Wilkerson, 39, and a juvenile.

The sheriff said that deputies on with the SBI executed respective hunt warrants astatine Wilkerson's location astatine E. Morehead Street and Pulliam Street. Wilkerson, who was retired connected enslaved for different offense, had 3 warrants already retired for breaking and entering of centrifugal vehicles, He was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, carrying concealed pistol/gun, possession with intent to merchantability and administer marijuana, possession of cause paraphernalia, elemental possession of Schedule III and IV, and resisting, delaying oregon obstructing an officer.

Roger Letroy Wilkerson

Person County Sheriff's Office

While executing those warrants, grounds was recovered successful transportation with the Horton homicide case, the sheriff said. That grounds led to Wilkerson being charged with murder.

Juvenile petitions person been filed connected the different fishy for breaking and entering of centrifugal vehicles and the execution successful transportation with Horton's death.

"Sweet, and benignant and gentle arsenic anybody you person ever seen," Phillip Reams said. Reams, who is Horton's neighbor, said Horton was known to beryllium precise active.

Deputies got a telephone earlier 8 p.m. from a household subordinate who came location and recovered the spot ransacked.

A conveyance was aboriginal recovered not excessively acold from the location connected Lewis Winstead Loop Road.

"You spot her mowing grass, blowing leaves," Reams said. "For idiosyncratic her age, she did precise good arsenic acold arsenic being progressive successful the yard."

Nancy Horton was described arsenic a pillar of her assemblage and chuch.

Courtesy of Horner family

Horton, besides known arsenic "Nan," was a longtime religion subordinate astatine the New Life Independent Baptist Church.

"A godly lady, precise virtuous woman," Pastor Mike Whitt said. "She loves her grandbabies, ohio my goodness. The clip she spent with them, carrying them places backmost and distant to the beach, and things similar that."

Whitt said Horton was a pillar successful the community.

"Just a staple and portion of the instauration of this assemblage and church," Whitt said.

The religion was having a revival erstwhile worshippers heard astir Horton's death.

"We recovered retired close aft our work and radical were conscionable weeping, and broken," Whitt said.

The revival nighttime connected Wednesday changed to a vigil work astatine 7 p.m. successful grant of Horton.

"We're going to weep for a while, we're going to sing for a while," Whitt said. "We're going to travel unneurotic successful unity and hug 1 another, emotion 1 another, conscionable effort to merchandise each of that choler and those feelings and find immoderate comfortableness successful God and successful 1 different successful this assemblage tonight."

Whitt, who met with the household connected Wednesday, said they're breached arsenic they're trying to process what happened.

"We yet got to spell successful the location with the household and we conscionable had supplication with them each done the home, conscionable trying to get done it," Whitt said. "We've been trying to emotion connected them, comfortableness them, beryllium determination for them and promote them that determination is anticipation aft this, but we request to get them to person immoderate spot astatine this time."

Other churches, specified arsenic Salem Methodist Church successful Hurdle Mills, joined successful with thoughts and prayers for the family.

"It's bittersweet and gruesome," the Rev. Curtis Hammock said. "In airy of caller events, this is not the archetypal incidental present successful the past week oregon so, truthful determination seems to beryllium a batch of it going connected close now."

For Person County residents, the fig of reported break-ins has been happening much frequently.

"It's going on, and it's getting worse," Reams said. "And it needs to get stopped."

Reams said Horton besides utilized to ain the store crossed the thoroughfare from her location with her precocious husband. Horton has 2 sons, and respective grandchildren, according to Reams.

"My bosom goes retired to the household and I anticipation the boys tin woody with this arsenic champion they tin and the grandkids," Reams said.

Friends and loved ones of Horton came unneurotic to stock their memories of her Wednesday nighttime astatine New beingness Baptist Church.

Rhonda Clayton said she knew Horton from the market store and says they person known each different for 25 years.

"It's conscionable unbelievable. When things similar this happen, you conscionable ne'er cognize it's going to happen," Clayton said. "That pistillate was arsenic bully arsenic she could beryllium and you cognize I don't cognize however anybody couldn't similar that lady. People person got to bash amended successful this satellite oregon we'll each clang 1 day."

Ann Pergerson, who was a person of Horton, said she past saw her Monday greeting erstwhile Horton brought her immoderate salad. She said she and Horton did everything unneurotic including shopping, eating and gardening.

"She was conscionable a bully person, bully to everybody, I don't deliberation she had an force successful the full satellite that's what is truthful senseless astir this," Pergerson said. "We conscionable person to woody with it though God knows what he's doing. He's inactive successful charge."

"Ms Nan Horton was a subordinate of this church, she was portion of the instauration of this church. Her and DC (Nan's husband) person been present since the time our doors were opened implicit 17 years ago." Pastor Mike Whit said. "She was the greatest, sweetest, lovingest, Godliest pistillate that I could ever conscionable successful my full life."

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