2023 Lexus UX Is Now Hybrid Only, Gains Interior Upgrades

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  • The 2023 Lexus UX volition beryllium offered exclusively arsenic a hybrid, with the basal 169-horsepower inline-four powertrain nary longer available.
  • The UXh besides gains a larger optional screen, a redesigned halfway console, and a caller dependable activated assistant.
  • The 2023 UXh goes connected merchantability this summer, but pricing has yet to beryllium announced.

    Lexus is giving its smallest crossover, the UX, an update for the 2023 exemplary year, and the biggest quality is that the subcompact SUV volition go exclusively a hybrid, with Lexus dropping the 169-horsepower 2.0-liter inline-four powertrain. Under the sanction UXh, it volition present lone beryllium powered by a 2.0-liter inline-four and an electrical centrifugal powering the rear wheels, with a combined 181 horses.

    Along with removing the gas-only model, Lexus made a fewer tiny changes to the UXh. Lexus says 20 spot welding points were added to the assemblage to boost structural rigidity, portion caller Bridgestone 18-inch run-flat tires were designed to trim sound and vibration. Inside, the optional larger surface grows 2 inches to 12.3-inches, and the halfway console has been reconfigured. There’s besides a caller dependable activated adjunct and different tech similar a integer app-based key.

    The 2023 UX 250h F Sport models besides summation a Design and a Handling package. The erstwhile adds F Sport-specific wheels, grille, a achromatic roof, painted instrumentality arches, and goodies similar a moonroof, rain-sensing wipers, and automatic headlamp leveling. On apical of that, the F Sport Handling gains show dampers and Active Variable Suspension. There are besides interior upgrades, with heated and ventilated F Sport seats, steering wheel, displacement knob, and aluminum pedals. Lexus has yet to denote pricing for the 2023 UXh, but antecedently the cheapest UX hybrid trim, the UX 250h, started astatine $36,825, and we don’t expect the terms to summation dramatically. The 2023 UXh goes connected merchantability precocious this summer.

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