2023 Honda CR-V Interior Image Revealed, and It's an Improvement

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  • Honda released a caller teaser representation of an updated interior for the 2023 CR-V.
  • A caller clime power vent spanning magnitude of interior bears a similarity to what's successful the 2022 Civic Si.
  • More details are acceptable to beryllium released connected July 12.

    Honda released a caller representation of the updated interior for its 2023 CR-V that shows disconnected a raised infotainment surface arsenic good arsenic an updated integer dash. This follows intimately aft a preview of the upcoming CR-V precocious past period successful which Honda released images showing the SUV's updated headlights and taillights, some of which look to springiness the car much beingness connected the road.

    2023 honda crv interior
    Updated interior photograph for 2023 Honda CR-V


    The updated interior, Honda explains, is intended to beryllium "sporty and modern." We thin to hold with that sentiment, though we don't emotion the accrued usage of perchance fingerprint-prone achromatic plastic. The modern interior shows a generous magnitude of achromatic leather with vibrant orangish stitching. Reminding america precise overmuch of the 2022 Civic Si, the updated dash present features a honeycombed vent spanning from the steering instrumentality to rider door. Physical clime controls are thankfully preserved and enactment beforehand and halfway connected the dash. In a alteration from the outgoing model, the infotainment surface has moved to a stand-alone presumption adjacent the apical of the dash. Taken together, the components seen successful this photograph amusement the caller CR-V arsenic an upscale and pleasant spot to walk greeting commutes.

    Previous spy photos led america to expect the caller CR-V to beryllium somewhat larger than the existent model. This anticipation is each but confirmed successful Honda's merchandise wherever it describes the interior arsenic having "even much space." We besides expect it to person an improved hybrid strategy and to marque a spot much powerfulness than the combined 212 horsepower successful the existent model.

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